Only in this way can you see for yourself that the Tulipa Třebešín project provides advantages and benefits that you won’t find anywhere else in the central Prague. And on top of that - in a new quarter in Prague 3.

It’s in sight of the metropolitan centre, yet far enough from its constant noise and smog. It’s amidst peaceful greenery, yet with a reasonable choice of services. Bicycle is one of the best ways to get to know the nearby and wider area, as one of Prague’s cycle paths is located nearby. You can go jogging or in-line skating in the vicinity just as easily, perhaps in Malešice Park, where the only thing likely to get in your way is kids, enjoying the countless water attractions and other play activities. You can walk through another park, Na Třebešíně, to reach the Želivského metro station in under a quarter of an hour, but a regular bus service is also available. So why would you drive your car into the crammed city centre when it can stay parked comfortably outside your home? Few people are this lucky to be at the centre of metropolitan life and yet retain privacy, safety and a tranquil peace.

Last but not least, in their own quarter, which today after the completion of its first two phases Tulipa Třebešín has actually become. The site also offers a new nursery school and commercial units in Zvěřinova Street.

In spring 2017, a new nursery school with the capacity for 60 children was approved for use by the building authority and handed over to the Prague 10 Municipality. The nursery school was designed as a modular wooden structure consisting of three modules, each intended for 20 children and containing playrooms, changing rooms and washrooms. The fourth, service module, serves as a facility for staff and food preparation. The building has eye-catching wooden features including pergolas above the entrances to the garden that belongs to the nursery school. The washroom interior is fitted with anti-slip floor tiles and the playrooms with thermal insulation PVC flooring combined with carpets. The pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by walls painted with colourful motifs combined with white.

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