25th July 2022 - We have launched a website www.afi-home.com, where you can find the current offer of available apartments for rent, including detailed information and prices. We offer a wide range of rental apartments of various sizes and layouts in several attractive European cities.


Phase V approved

21st July 2022 - The building of Phase V of Tulipa Třebešín has been completed and approved. The eight-story building will offer...




The first model apartment of AFI Home rental housing

25th May 2022 - On the first floor above ground, we completed the first model...



Sale of VILLA HOUSES Has Begun!

7th July 2019 - At the beginning of July 2019 AFI EUROPE Czech Republic is launching refined, intimate homes on the market. The VILLA HOUSES project consists of just 5 new detached buildings - each with five apartments on three floors. The total number of new apartments offering attractive housing in this...



VILLA HOUSES - Reservations Begin

3rd May 2019 - Offering refined, intimate homes, the VILLA HOUSES project consists of 5 new detached buildings...



Preferential terms with interest rates from 2.39%

18th January 2019 - Thanks to our long-term cooperation with the Hypoasistent Company we are able...


80 % of Phase Three Sold!

6th December 2018 - More than 80% of the third phase and exactly 44% of the fourth phase...





12th November - The official sale of the fourth and final phase of the Tulipa Třebešín project has been launched, offering a total of 155 new apartments ranging from 1 + kk (studio apartment) to 4 + kk (3 bedrooms). The units are situated in the thirteen-floor residential block “A "...



Spatial Options of an Atypical 1+kk

23rd October 2018 - The 1 + kk units are popular starter homes as well as a good investment opportunity...



Construction of the Last Phase Has Started

3rd October 2018 - September 2018 witnessed the launch of the construction of the fourth and final phase...



FINAL PHASE – Reserve Your Apartment

14th September 2018 - Since mid-September 2018 it has been possible to register for a special price deal before the actual official launch of the fourth phase sale, which will take place at the turn of October and November 2018. You can register on our website here...



New Nursery School Opened

3rd September 2018 - In operation since September 2018, the new nursery school in Třebešín was built by AFI EUROPE during the first phase...



AFI EUROPE Developer

13th July 2018 - An interview with Doron Klein, the head of AFI Europe Czech Republic, can be found in the June issue of...



Save CZK 100,000.00 on Transport Costs

29th June 2018 - Having a home in one of the Tulipa Třebešín apartments represents a considerable saving for a four-member household that commutes to the city centre daily. In the long term, an investment in a new apartment in Prague 3 will definitely pay off...


Phase Two Completed!

15th June 2018 - The construction of the Tulipa Třebešín second phase has been completed, representing a total of...




A Friendlier Vinohradská Street

9th May 2018 - The Tulipa Třebešín Apartment Buildings are located quite close to the Želivského Metro Station...



Phase Two Sold out!

5th April 2018 - The second phase of Tulipa Třebešín has been completely sold out! We would like to express...



New Residential Area with Kindergarten

5th March 2018 - In the third phase of the project you can choose from more than two dozen apartments of the...


Basement Storage Room and Parking with Tax Savings

26th February 2018 - If you buy parking bays or basement storage rooms before the completion of the project, you can save money on your taxes. If purchase later separately...



Financing with Favourable Terms

15th February 2018 - Banks have started raising interest rates quite significantly and we expect this trend to continue...




Construction of Phase III Started!

30th January 2018 - The onset of 2018 witnessed the launch of the construction of the Tulipa Třebešín third phase. In January...



A New Kindergarten Ready for Use

17th January 2018 - Completed by the AFI EUROPE developer within its Tulipa Třebešín residential...



PF 2018: Gift of a Lifetime

31st December 2017 - We wish you all the best for 2018. As in the past, this New Year won’t be any exception and the AFI Europe Czech Republic company will be firing on all cylinders...



“AFI TULIPA Bydlení” Magazine

4th December 2017 - We have now prepared for you the second issue of the “AFI TULIPA Bydlení” Magazine...



New Opening Hours of Our Sales Centre

4th November 2017 - Our sales centre is now newly open for you every weekday as well...




26th October 2017 - The phase III apartments will be located in building B, the construction of which will start by the end of this year...



Reservation of Phase III Apartments Begun

4th September 2017 - September 2017 means not only the beginning of a new school term, but also of the...



Skeleton Structure of the Second Phase Completed

21th July 2017 - The skeleton structures of the apartment blocks C and D of the Tulipa Třebešín Phase Two project have already been completed in July 2017. At the beginning...



Phase Two Structure Has Reached Its Highest Point

3rd July 2017 - The second phase of the project is celebrating “Glajcha”...



New Nursery School Approved by Building Inspectors!

8th June 2017 - Having been completed and approved for use by the building authority...



Official Completion of the Sale of the First Phase

26th May 2017 - The first phase of the Tulipa Třebešín project has been sold out! After two and a half years of intensive sales of the 183 apartments and after several months...



Parks and sports grounds

2nd May 2017 - Tulipa Třebešín offers homes which are not only within easy reach of the city centre, but also provides a peaceful location...



The First Apartment Owners Are Already Jangling Their New Keys

21th April 2017 - The day so eagerly awaited by many...




17th March 2017 - The first phase of the Tulipa Třebešín residential project has been completely...


TOP 10

17th March 2017 - The current analysis of 2016 has shown that the housing market in Prague is dominated by the big players. Owing to the Tulipa Třebešín and Tulipa City projects, AFI comfortably maintains its position in the top ten of the most...




Virtual Tour of the Show Apartments

14th March 2017 - Why not visit our show apartments of the Tulipa Třebešín project from the comfort of your own home? On our website...




9th March 2017 - Once again we are a step...


Technical inspections of the first phase apartments

2nd March 2017 - The completion of the 1st phase of the Tulipa Třebešín project is successfully approaching its final stage. For this reason we are currently sending invitations to the future...




Basement Storage Rooms and Parking Bays for Sale

20th February 2017 - We would like to inform you about the possibility of buying...


Tulipa Třebešín
- Zvěřinova Street

23rd January 2017 - The Municipality of Prague 3 drew up a list of names for new streets and squares...


Fifty Percent of the New Phase Apartments Have Been Sold since September 2016!

9th January 2017 - Great interest has been aroused by the homes located in a peaceful and quiet residential area near the city centre, not far from the Želivského Underground Station and two large parks, as is clearly shown by 50% of the second phase apartments...




New Sales Centre just Opened

6th January 2017 - A new Tulipa Třebešín Sales Centre was opened at the beginning of January, having been relocated...



Digital Radio – Above-standard Standard

21th December 2016 - A new item included in the features of the standard apartment...



Forty Percent of Second Phase Apartments Sold!

23rd November 2016 - Construction of the second phase...


Tulipa Třebešín Show Apartment

16th November 2016 - In November we had the pleasure of opening 2 show apartments of the Tulipa Třebešín Project. These apartments were created for us by the interior designer Magdalena Hopkins of MH Interiors. The buildings of the first phase...




Enjoy next Christmas in a new apartment

11th November 2016 - Similarly as last year, once again we have prepared for you a special yuletide gift...



AFI TULIPA Living Magazine!

24th October 2016 - We have prepared a new magazine for you called "AFI TULIPA Living". The Summer / Autumn 2016 issue...



LEXXUS Days 2016

20th October 2016 - Similarly as last year, our sales staff from the LEXXUS company have prepared for you the LEXXUS Days 2016...



19th September 2016 - Today the official sale of the phase two apartments in the Tulipa Třebešín Project has been launched. Our website now features a new visual presentation of the phase two apartment blocks, including a new range of apartments to choose from with the price offer attached...



AFI: Tulipa City

9th August 2016 - The AFI Europe company takes great pleasure in informing you that the official sale of apartments under the new Tulipa City project...




1st August 2016 - In the summer of 2016 we began construction of phase two of the Tulipa Třebešín Project...



Construction Progress

13th July 2016 - Currently, the implementation work on the building envelopes of both of the E1 and E2 blocks is under way...



Your New Apartment Comes with a Bonus

8th July 2016 - If you buy a new apartment in phase...


Book Your Apartment Now

25th May 2016 - Book your phase two apartment before they go on sale in August 2016. A registration form can be found here.

Completion of the structural work

10th May 2016 - A further milestone of construction was met with the completion of the monolithic structures...


New project near metro line B

1th May 2016 - AFI EUROPE is entering the market with a new project called TULIPA CITY. The project is located in Prague 9, just 3 minutes from the metro B line station Kolbenova. In the first stage the construction is planned of 4 apartment blocks with 259 apartments...




Demolition of the warehouse

25th April 2016 - The demolition of the big warehouse in Třebešín... 


We are entering the second stage of construction

18th February 2016 - Tulipa Třebešín is entering the second stage of construction. Two apartment blocks...



Unique interactive 3D model

10th February 2016 - You can become more closely acquainted at the sales centre with the Tulipa Třebešín project through an interactive 3D model. Professional salesmen will gladly demonstrate the updated model and will show the the buildings and neighbourhood from various viewpoints on individual floors...




Construction process

2nd February 2016 - The construction schedule of the first stage is successfully kept. Rough construction is being completed...



New kindergarten

1st February 2016 - In spring 2017, a kindergarten with the capacity of 60 children will be completed that will be...


Christmas wishes

16th December 2015 - Advent and Christmas time is a joyous time of family welfare...



Selected cellars for free to apartments!

1st December 2015 - At Advent and Christmas time, we have prepared an offer of selected cellars for free to apartments. (Offer is valid from 1 to 31 December, 2015, when the reservation fee is paid until the end of 2015.)



Model bathroom

19th November 2015 - A model bathroom for TULIPA TŘEBEŠÍN apartments can be seen in the Bathroom Studio Koupelny Ptáček in Vysočany, where you will find our corner.



Construction is successfully progressing

12th November 2015 - Project construction runs according to the schedule. Visit our sales centre, where you can watch the progress of construction on the screen.




5th November 2015 - We are pleased to inform - 50 % of apartments are already sold! Take advantage of special benefit prices for selected apartments. The campaign will last only until the end of this month.




26th October 2015 - Only until the end of November 2015 you have a chance to reserve the flats with the discount. The variety is from one-bedroom, two-bedroom up to three-bedroom apartments. Visit our sales centre, where you could get the information from the sale team and view the project standards. More on website here.



LEXXUS Days 2015

9th October 2015 - Visit LEXXUS’s real estate sales centre on 21 and 22 October. You could come and choose the available apartment in Tulipa Třebešín project with a discount of at least 50 000 CZK. The special prizes are as a part of LEXXUS Days as well.



Catalogue of standards for apartments

1th October 2015 - We have completed standards catalogue. TULIPA TŘEBEŠÍN project offers in the standards products made by renowned brands. Read more on our website here, or directly in our catalogue of standards.



Interview with interior architect

16th September 2015 - Your home isn’t just about the layout of your apartment, it should cover all other aspects for comfortable living. You could approach our partner - interior architect, Magdalena Hopkins, for professional consultancy. Read more on our website , or get an idea from our video interview here.



From construction: Foundation slab

31th August 2015 -The construction goes according to schedule and we have reached our first milestone: Completion of the foundation slab. The first above ground floor of the reinforced concrete structure is being built at the moment and also other works continue on schedule.


For Tulipa Třebešín clients

31th July 2015 - Česká spořitelna has become the bank financing the Tulipa Třebesín project. Česká spořitelna has arranged a special offer for our clients with a discounted interest rate and a range of services free of charge. Read more on our website , or in our leaflet.

For Tulipa Třebešín clients


19th June 2015 - Earthwork for the Tulipa Třebesín project began in June 2015. Construction of the buildings is another step towards a happy and satisfied life at this site. Keep an eye on our gallery and facebook pages to see how our architecturally original project grows over time.


New floor plans

20th April 2015 - We want to live up to expectations and prepare new flats for the future residents of Tulipa Třebešín. Therefore we changed flat layout on the base of wishes of our clients. 



29th April 2015 - The Sales centre is closed on 1th and 8th May 2015. You can arrange your meeting by calling 800 123 200. Have a nice time in the begennig of May!


10th April 2015 - We've sold more than 50% of our flats! Reserve your flat soon enough: you can be happy resident in Tulipa Třebešin too. You don't need to make compromises: absolute living.


New bus stop

4th April 2015 - In the street "K Červenému dvoru" we have a new bus stop now. You can find it just before our sales centre.


Sales centre Easter holiday

2nd April 2015 - On the Easter Monday 6th April 2015 will be the Sales centre closed. We wish you a Happy Easter!

Interest in our attractive apartments!

19th December 2014 - We have already sold 40 apartments. Choose from our current portfolio at...



Sales centre holiday operations

18 December 2014 - From Monday 22.12 until Sunday 4.1, our sales centre in Třebešín will be officially closed. All communication with clients over this period will be dealt with via e-mail and telephone. Any meetings will be arranged on an individual basis.



17 October 2014 - Our first days of sales have been a success. As of today, we have 6 apartments sold and over 30 bookings made!


Sales start

15th October 2014 - Tulipa Třebešín website launched and official sales of apartments started.


13 October 2014 - The sales centre for the new Tulipa Třebešín project has opened. It is located at K Červenému dvoru 24, Prague 3... 




21th September 2014 - We showcased our new Tulipa Třebešín apartments at the 25th anniversary of the FOR ARCH 2014 international construction trade fair, which was...



19 September 2014 - AFI Europe launches its new attractive residential project Tulipa Třebešín on the market at the end of September. It is located in a quiet part of Prague 3, near Malešice Park and Třebešín Park. Its two apartment buildings will contain 180 modern apartments...




Tulipa Třebešín project on Facebook

21 June 2014 - The FB page of the Tulipa Třebešín project shows life in Třebešín from various points of view. It contains tips for places to relax, places where children can play, schools, sporting facilities, plus useful advice for apartment selection and furnishing.


Landing page launched!

20 June 2014 - Visitors can register here to get preferential mailing of apartments on special offer.