Interior design combines not only original forms, colours and materials, but also functionality and effectiveness of spaces. The architects behind the Tulipa Třebešín project had all that in mind from the very start.

All of the apartment buildings are designed with the aim of making residents feel at home in them and providing them with ample space. The combination of a well-organized living area with lots of natural daylight and inspiring views into the distance is surely everyone’s idea of a perfect home. The Tulipa Třebešín project offers a wide-range of apartments with well-thought out layouts and adequate storage space, ranging from 1+kk (studio apartment) to 4+kk (3 bedrooms). Moreover, each of the apartments offers its own balcony or terrace and the ground-floor apartments have their own front gardens, so popular among the residents. There is a parking bay and basement storage room with each apartment. The standards of apartment buildings A and B are similar to those of the previous phases, with new features such as higher doors and the terraces on the top floors being fitted with an awning as standard.

We have managed to create a pleasant place to live in, with a pleasing setting where young people, families with children and their retired parents can coexist comfortably. Step by step, a natural community of people is formed where neighbours genuinely know each other.

A different architectural face can be seen on the first two buildings E1 and E2 of the first phase, which were completed in the spring of 2016 and are located at the end of Zvěřinova Street. The nursery school and the supermarket premises were finished together with the first phase. The subsequent two buildings marked C and D of the second phase were completed in the summer of 2018 and have also provided new retail outlets directly in Zvěřinova Street. Apartment building B has been under construction since January, while the fourth - final phase represented by apartment building A was started in September 2018. Having developed into a new quarter, the Tulipa Třebešín project will reach its conclusion at the turn of 2020 and 2021.

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