As in any other line of business, the customer makes his decision based on what the developer has done before, scrutinizing its “curriculum vitae” and adequate references.

Any customer who does this will be satisfied with AFI Europe, the company behind Tulipa Třebešín. The company has executed such projects as Korunní Dvůr in Vinohrady, Tulipa Modřanská rokle and Tulipa Rokytka in Vysočany. As manager for the Czech Republic, Mr. Doron Klein confirms that AFI Europe also works on commercial properties, such as Classic 7, AFI Palác Pardubice and Palác Flora. From an economic point of view, its portfolio is reassuringly spread out not only in the Czech Republic but also in other European countries as well. Its position on the economic crisis, which has also affected the development market, is of note. According to Doron Klein the reduced quantity of new residential developments has had a positive influence on the quality of new projects. Today new customers are much more demanding and apart from quality they place the emphasis mainly on the location of the building and the standard it attains.

In addition, in today’s world Tulipa Třebešín represents tried and trusted quality. Construction of the first phase was launched in 2014, and two years later in 2016 it welcomed its first residents. The second phase was successfully built between 2016 and 2018. Jointly with the first phase, the project offered a new nursery school, supermarket premises as well as infrastructure together with the emergence of the new Zvěřinova Street.

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