The wide range of housing unit layouts available in Tulipa Třebešín includes the ever popular studio apartments, which are also a very good investment. To help you in your deliberation of how to work with a small space effectively, we are providing some typical layouts and tips for the practical use of the available space.

Utilising space to the maximum degree in a quick, simple and inexpensive fashion is truly a task for an experienced interior designer. Designer Magdalena Hopkins says: "I always try to create the layout in a way allowing for a separate bedroom area, using for example, double-sided furniture units that will form a pocket for sliding doors. I recommend light hues of neutral colours for the interior as they will optically enlarge the space and evoke an impression of airiness. A dramatic contrast can be accomplished with darker home accessories. Not being afraid to use larger items such as a sofa, painting or a mirror is also essential. As to other eye-catching features one may consider drapes with a silk-like texture or an interesting lightweight chandelier. A gleaming smoked glass mirror, installed in the kitchen, will illuminate and enlarge the space."

Small apartments appeal to all generations ranging from students and young couples to the elderly. Anyone can turn this space into a great home where they will feel comfortable. Take a look at some of the ideas for interior adaptations in the drawings prepared by the professional.

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